Brock Kemp


Campus Staff

Illinois State University

Brock Kemp is from New Berlin, IL and graduated from Eastern Illinois University with his Bachelor's in Nursing. He and his new bride, Afton, are new to the Campus Outreach Central Illinois staff team and are excited to be part of the new plant at Illinois State University.

Brock grew up believing that he could earn favor with God. He felt that committing his time to the church was what justified him before God. Brock began to run down different paths of pleasure seeking to fulfill himself, all the while committing time to the church to make him right for the sins he was habitually partaking in. This was the pattern of Brock's life for several years. Once in college Brock was challenged to join a bible study. Nothing changed for him until a very close friend said to Brock that his life did not look like that of a Christ follower. At this moment Brock's soul knew it was empty and needed a savior. Through the bible study Brock learned who Jesus really was and about God's amazing Grace! Then, Brock puts his hope in Christ and Christ alone to make him right before God. 

Brock's life was changed in such a big way by young men and women being faithful to God's command to make disciples. Now, Brock wants to be obedient to Christ by sharing the gospel with the lost world and the college campus is a great place to do so. He has a passion for young men and women and he wants to develop them into leaders for the kingdom.