CJ Schneider


Campus Staff

Illinois State University

CJ Schneider is a new staff member for the Campus Outreach Central Illinois region and is heading onto Illinois State University's campus in the fall of 2017 to be a part of the team that plants there. CJ and his wife, Madison, both graduated from Eastern Illinois University in were married in 2016.

CJ grew up in a Christian home but over the years never grew a personal relationship with Jesus. While on Campus Outreach's Summer Mountain Project his freshman summer in 2013 he began to see God's love and justice along with the necessity for Jesus to die as it was the only way our sin can be atoned for and the only way we can be brought into relationship with him. Since then CJ has grown to love Jesus more and more and he wants to share that good news with others.

CJ loves the local church and he wants to see it filled with college students who have been radically changed by the Gospel. He prays to see students intercepted with the Gospel and watch their lives, careers, and families be changed as a result. He is also excited to grow in evangelism, discipleship, and teaching over the years so that he can live fruitfully for the rest of his life no matter what his career path may be.