Connor Dimick


Campus Director

Eastern Illinois University

Connor Dimmick is the campus director at Eastern Illinois University. He and his wife, Hannah, were married in November of 2016 and have been living in Charleston doing ministry with anyone and everybody they can come into contact with since then.From the EIU football team to the dorm room, Connor is an extremely well-rounded evangelist from Island Lake, IL. He graduated from Olivet Nazarene University in 2013 with a double major in Accounting & Economics as well as Finance.

Connor grew up in a home where his parents loved him a ton and took him to church every Sunday. From the outside, most people thought that Connor was a Christian because he didn't do anything crazy and because he knew facts about the Bible.

It wasn't until the summer leading into Connor's freshmen year of college, however, when the facts of the gospel really hit his heart. It was during this summer that he was challenged to read the Bible on his own every single day. As he did this, Connor began to see that his self-righteous pride was just as offensive to God as the guy who was running around committing more "obvious" sins. It was at this time that it finally clicked: Jesus' death on the cross was for him! It was because of his sin that Jesus had to be crucified. And our only hope of having a right relationship with God was trusting in the fact that Jesus had taken all of our sin and that he was providing all of our righteousness before God.

This was such a humbling but freeing moment when Connor realized that he did not - he COULD not - earn his way to heaven. From that Summer on, Connor has been growing joyfully in learning more of what it means to follow Christ with all of his life

Connor fell in love with the vision of Campus Outreach because he has seen how God had used someone in his life to really help shape and grow him, and now he wants so badly to be a part of doing this for other young men. Campus Outreach gives him that opportunity (as well as the opportunity to continue to develop under another person's leadership) in an incredible way.

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