CCP Recruitment Video


What is the Cross cultural project?

The CCP is a team of students who devote 6 weeks of their summer to immerse themselves into another culture in hopes of sharing the Gospel with the people in that country. We take the call of making disciples of all nations seriously and want to teach that to the students who are apart of the ministry.

The purpose of the Cross cultural project

We desire to not only grow the CCP team in the skills in evangelism, but to grow them in their world view and heart for the nations. We also desire to see people of all nations and ethnicities walking in-christ and believe that God will use the sacrifices of these students to do so. 

Where is the Cross cultural project?

For the past two years, the CCP team have lived in Guadalajara, Mexico and attended Iteso University. The students are enrolled in a Spanish 1 class which allows them full access to the gated campus with all of its facilities and potential relationships. 

Where does the team stay?

The team stays in a beautiful house in Guadalajara owned by a couple in the church. The house is more than enough to accommodate the team and their eating, sleeping, personal needs.