Holly Sauder


Resource Staff

Holly Sauder is a new member to the Campus Outreach Central Illinois staff team. Holly is from Plainfield, IL and graduated from Bradley University in 2017 with her Bachelor’s in Community Wellness. She has the opportunity to stay in Peoria and work on the Resource Team in the office at Grace Presbyterian Church.

Holly did not grow up in a Christian home, but started attending youth group in high school with some friends. She entered college thinking she was a Christian because she believed in God, but the the decisions she made showed that He was not the Lord of her life. As life got harder that first semester, Holly joined a Journey Book study to try and get her life figured out. Around December 2013 (end of Holly’s first semester at Bradley) she began to feel the weight of her sin and understand that it stood in the way of her relationship with God. Holly believes that is when God changed her heart to desire Him and a life focused on His glory. Since then, God has been the Lord of Holly’s decisions, large and small. This has included living in the dorms to evangelize and disciple girls and seeking spiritual leadership and growth. 

Holly wants to continue to serve the Lord by building His kingdom through these college campuses. She loves the vision of life on life discipleship and she thinks that Campus Outreach's strategy to reach the lost is extremely effective. Holly also want to learn how to better evangelize, establish, and equip others.