Jasmine Lockett


Campus Staff

Bradley University


Jasmine has been on staff at her alma mater for the last two years at Bradley University. Jasmine is from Calumet Park, IL. She graduated from Bradley in 2014 with her Bachelor's in English Secondary Education.

Before Jasmine had a relationship with Jesus, she struggled with the reality of where she would spend her eternity. It took a family member being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness for God to get Jasmine's attention. She began to investigate Christianity acknowledging that the answers to life would be found in God through His Word. Listening to sermons and reading scripture helped her to see her sin problem, but also the solution: Christ. After confessing her sin and need for God, Jasmine accepted Jesus as her Savior and her Lord upon entering high school and was forever changed.

When it was time for Jasmine to head off to college, she was a bit apprehensive because much of what she had seen and heard about the college lifestyle seemed contrary to what she was learning about living for Christ. Nevertheless, she was fervent about finding ways to continue growing spiritually. Within Jasmine's first few days of being at Bradley University, she met students and staff who were involved with Campus Outreach. Those people played a huge role in her walk of faith and changed her perception of what college life could be like. She spent the next few years receiving spiritual leadership from those Campus Outreach staff girls. They demonstrated God's love, showed Jasmine how to know God more deeply, and taught her how to make Him known to others. In Matthew 9:36-38, Jesus mentions seeing "the crowds." Jasmine definitely saw that while living in the dorms and just being on campus. This gave her a burden to see students come to know and experience life in Christ. She is now on staff laboring to bring the light of God's Word into a dark region where many have never personally heard.