Jennifer Barks


Media Developer

Resource Team

Jennifer Barks grew up in Geneseo, IL and is a 2017 graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Art Education. She is going to be joining the Resource Team in the office at Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, IL.

Jennifer grew up knowing about Jesus from a young age, and can't remember a time where she didn't love Jesus. However, when she was 10, over the course of that year, Jennifer remembers specifically being hit with the reality of Romans 3:23--that we deserve Hell because of our brokenness that separates us from God. When she realized that there was a barrier between her and God, Jennifer had a new found love for Jesus because he had broken that barrier with his life and death. She prayed earnestly to become more like Jesus and wanted everything in her life to align to His will, although she slowly learned over the years what it looked like to make Jesus the Lord of everything in your life. 

Throughout high school, Jennifer always had an underlying urge to share her faith, but didn't really know how to do so effectively. When Jennifer entered college, she met people who were on staff with CO, and she was instantly amazed by how intentional they were living their lives to share their faith with the lost. She hungered to live her life in the same way, so that she could not only impact college students' lives while she is on staff, but also so she could learn how to effectively and intentionally share her faith for the rest of her life.