Joe Calio


Campus Staff

Illinois State University

Joe Calio grew up in Mattoon, IL and has just moved to Bloomington, IL. He is a recent graduated from Eastern Illinois University with his degree in Mathematics Education. Joe came on staff because he knew that he wouldn't be wasting his life laboring with college students to see how God could change their lives with the gospel. 

Joe grew up in a conservative church where his dad was the pastor and his mom served the church a lot. When Joe was a little kid on a Sunday night his dad was giving a sermon and but felt that if he didn't accept Christ that very moment then he was going to receive God's judgement. Joe then went forward and told his Dad that he needed Jesus at the age of 7. Growing up in the Calio household Joe lived an upright life, but made running Cross Country and Track an idol in life. Joe ran well enough to get a scholarship to run at Eastern Illinois University.

While at Eastern Illinois University, Joe had multiple injuries all through my college career, and when Joe was a Junior in college he was at a low point in life due to the injuries. While struggling, he just came to a point in his life that he had taken running really seriously, but not Jesus, so he then decided to read his Bible for the first time. While reading the Bible, God opened up Joe's eyes to see him in so many more ways than he could have ever imagined, and he enjoyed every second of it - so much so that he would be excited to go to bed at night because the sooner he could wake up to read his Bible. Moreover, as Joe was reading and seeing who God really was and how the gospel applies to his life, Joe's life outwardly changed as he tried to make Him known with teammates on the cross country and track team. Through this process Joe got plugged in with Campus Outreach, and they helped Joe to labor for Jesus Christ.