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Kris is from the small town of Arcola, IL. He graduated in 2016 from Eastern Illinois University with his Bachelor's of Psychology. Kris is currently located in Peoria, IL working in our office as resource staff.

Kris grew up in the church and was from a young age extremely interested in spiritual things. But, after graduating high school and leaving home he fell in with the wrong crowd and fell away from the church. He began to despise Christianity for a couple years until he was invited to a Bible study with a bunch of other college students. These students shared the gospel with him multiple times over and he decided that he wanted the joy and happiness that these students had. He then gave his life to Christ and began to make lordship decisions that eventually led him to share his faith on the dorm floor as a part of Campus Outreach.

Kris' vision for going on staff is to be able to use the gifts that God has given him in web design, photography, videography, and administration to support the mission of Campus Outreach of building the Kingdom of God on the college campus. He also prays that God will use him on Bradley University's campus to see students come to Christ using the testimony that God has given him.

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