Mike Caponigro


Campus Staff

Eastern Illinois University

Mike is from Cary, IL and has been on staff with Campus Outreach Central Illinois since 2015. He and his wife, Laura, who was originally on staff with Campus Outreach Minneapolis, got married in the summer of 2016 and have lived in Charleston serving at his alma mater, Eastern Illinois University, where he graduated with his Bachelor's in Psychology.

Growing up Mike's family did not go to church regularly, nor did they talk about God or the Bible. When he got to high school Mike started using drugs and partying. He says he did not believe in God. At the age of 21 Mike reconnected with an old friend (Vincent Caliendo), and began to talk about the gospel. They would meet once a week and talk about God. For the first time in his life Mike felt the weight of his sin against God. He had been running from God and trying to suppress Him. Eventually, Mike had no where else to run and had no more excuses for living a life apart from Him. Mike repented of his sin and believed that Jesus Christ died for his sin on the cross. Mike wanted God to be the King of his life and accepted that he needed to be saved from his sin. After that happened, Mike's life slowly began to change. Drugs and partying began to fall away. He started reading and studying the Bible, as well as praying to God. One of the biggest changes in his life was that he started to make decisions in his life according to what would best help him grow in his faith. God has changed Mike's life forever, and He is still changing him.

Mike experienced the power of God in his own life. He saw the power of the gospel in the lives of other people he had met. He really wanted to grow in his faith, and Mike felt like deciding to work with Campus Outreach would help him do that. Mike also want to share his faith with others and make disciples. That is at the heart of Campus Outreach. It made the most sense to Mike to come work for the ministry because the mission of Campus Outreach is to share the gospel with people and to make disciples.

Mike has loved getting to spend time with guys who want to grow in their faith and really enjoys helping people who want to understand the Bible and grow in their relationship with God.

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