Myles foor


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Myles grew up in a broken family, where my parents were divorced when I was six. I didn't understand the thing, I just knew my dad didn't live with us anymore. My parents did their best to raise me the best they could, but never talked to me about religion much. He grew up living for peoples approval and wanted to please everyone. As Myles got into high school, I continued to live for people approval and he began to get pretty good at running so I began to center my whole life around that as well. My senior year of high school I got injured and wasn't recruited by any school and my identity as a runner was gone. I seemed to have no purpose any more once that happened.

Myles went to college was lost, and didn't want to be there. The second semester of his freshman year Myles met Nate Holt. Nate shared the gospel with Myles and explained that we are all sinners and have rebelled against God. Myles began to realize his sin and that there was nothing we can do to restore a relationship with God. Nate continued to share with Myles about Jesus and how he came and lived a perfect life here on earth and never once sinned, but was crucified on the cross. Jesus died the death that we all deserve and His death paid the price for the sins that we have committed, and if he would trust in Jesus as his Lord and Savior Myles would be saved and forgiven of sins. By Gods grace, Myles was saved and there was nothing that we did to earn it, but all by what Jesus did on the cross. Since then, Myles life has changed. He no longer lives for other people approval. Myles’ desire now is to glorify God with his life. I want him to be known to others, because we were created to know him. By Gods grace, his life has been changed to know longer worship himself, but to know God and make him know.

Myles believe the message of Jesus is the most important message in the world, and wants people to know about it. Students in college are at a key time in their life and the decisions that they are making will change the whole direction of their life. If they can come to know Jesus as their Lord and savior during that time, it can have a radical affect on their life.