The opportunity to grow

Over the 10 weeks students will grown in Christ, learn to share their faith, build deep relationships, and work.  As students are given these opportunities, they will also grow in responsibility, dependability, leadership, team work, relational skills, time management, money management, and many other areas through the various trainings offered on the Summer Mountain Project. 

work experience 

All students are guaranteed a full-time job at Dollywood Theme Park, Dollywood’s Splash Country Water Park, or other local businesses so students can save money while on the Summer Project. 


Living with 80+ college students, attending a church of hundreds, and working with thousands of new people is a great way to build valuable relationships for the future.

Word trainings

One the Summer Project, students receive over 40 hours of formal training on how to study their bible. We cover areas like, how to do an inductive study of an epistle, how to understand the different genres of scripture found in the bible, a study of Paul's missionary journeys, and even a brief bible overview.

Evangelism Training

Students will receive formal evangelism training weekly during the Summer Project. This will help prepare students to be clear about the Gospel in the various conversations they face. The trainings include: a testimony workshop, helpful evangelistic diagrams and analogies, apologetics, scripture memory, and street evangelism.

World vision training

Students will learn about the various countries around the world and the unreached people groups. They will also hear testimonies and missions reports with the aim to grown their hearts for the world and to open their eyes to see all the God is doing around the world. 

Safety & Out of town requests

There are rules in place on the project to ensure the safety of the students. Students live together and most activities are done in groups, either at the hotel, work, or church. There is a curfew in place to ensure that all students are at the hotel and accounted for each night. Also all out-of-town trips must be approved before the summer by the Summer Project Director. Click HERE for out of town trip requests.