Stephen Lawrence


Campus Staff

Bradley University

Stephen Lawrence is from Franklin, TN. He graduated with his Bachelor's in Business Management Tennessee Technical University in Cookeville, TN in 2010. Since then, he has been on staff at Eastern Illinois University and, now, Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Stephen and his wife Courtney live in Peoria and expecting their first baby in the August of 2017!

Stephen grew up going to church and professed faith in Christ his sophomore year of high school. He lived the rest of his high school career straddling a line of “wanting to look like a good Christian guy on Sundays” and “living like the world the other days of the week.” God used various influential people and messages to help Stephen understand the gospel and his desires began to radically change. Stephen wanted to follow Christ. God showed him that his profession of faith was false and saved him his freshman year of college at TTU. He naturally got plugged into Campus Outreach through a godly staff guy who continued to give him leadership the remainder of his college career.

Stephen came on captivated by the vision to multiply his life into men who would do the same for others. The vision of making disciples specifically on the college campus was a highly strategic place for Stephen to saturate his life and seek to advance the kingdom. He wasn't necessarily pumped to move to IL, but he thought, "If not me, who? and if not now, when?" and he couldn't deny the lostness of Peoria. Really, God was paving a way for Stephen to go into college ministry well before he was even aware of it. His Junior and Senior year of college, the Lord blessed Stephen's dorm ministry at TTU by allowing him and his best friend to see peers come to know Christ and be built up in the faith through life on life discipleship. Stephen's life was transformed by the Lord in college and now he was leading other men's lives to be transformed by the gospel as well. This experience pressed Stephen to want to continue making disciples in the context of the university.