1. Play with 6 (max number of players 10)

  2. All matches before the championship game will be first to 21 by rally scoring.

  3. Championship match will be best two of three games.  Each game will be played to 12 with rally scoring (team must win by 2 points).

  4. Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions; player must re-enter the game in the original serving order.

  5. A served ball may be bumped, or set (as long as it is a clean hit)

  6. A player may never touch the net or crossover the center line.

  7. No blocking or attacking a served ball.

  8. Sportsmanlike conduct is appreciated.


Individuals may play on only one team.



  1. Two teams of 7 players each shall play the game. A team may play with 6 players.

  2. Each round robin game will consist of two 7 minute halves (running clock), with a 1 minute halftime.

  3. Teams have 4 downs to advance the ball into the next 20-yard line marker.

  4. 1 time-out per team per game; one minute in duration.

  5. A coin toss will determine which team will start with the ball from the 20-yard line.

  6. There is no direct snap, must be 5 yards behind line of scrimmage.

  7. Must have at least 4 players on the line when ball is snapped.

  8. Flag Football is a NON-CONTACT sport!! There will be no use of the hands, arms, elbows, legs, or body in blocking on the line.

    1. The penalty for illegal contact is 10 yards

  9. A runner may not guard his/her flag in any way. Flag guarding will result in a 10 yard penalty from the spot of the foul.

  10. Flag belt tampering will result in unsportsmanlike conduct and a loss of down – if tampering results in touchdown the points will not count.

  11. Offensive pass interference will result in a 10 yard penalty and loss of down. Defensive pass interference is a 10 yard penalty and automatic first down.

  12. One offensive player in motion at a time must be 3 yards behind line of scrimmage and may not be in motion towards the goal line.

  13. A legal catch is one with at least one foot in bounds.

  14. Only one forward pass per down, you may have as many backward passes as you wish.

  15. Extra point attempts consist of a choice between 1 point from the 3-yard line, 2 points from the 10-yard line, or 3 points from the 20-yard line.

  16. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

  17. “NO MOUTH” Rule (No arguing with refs or trash talking with other team)

  18. Three unsportsmanlike penalties end the game.

    1. The penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct is 15 yards.

  19. There will be a play clock set at 15 seconds from the time we spot the ball.

  20. At 10 seconds, the ref will begin to call out how many seconds the offense has left

  21. Delay of Game will result in a 5 yard penalty, no loss of down.

  22. Offsides and encroachment will result in a 5 yard penalty, no loss of down.