Zach Rogers


East Area Director

(Eastern Illinois University & Illinois State University)

Zach & Sheffey Rogers have been on staff for since 2009. They served at Tennessee Technological University for 2 years and at Eastern Illinois University for 6 years. They moved to Normal, Illinois in 2017 to help lead the plant of ministry at Illinois State. They have two kids, Riz and Raleigh.

Zach grew up in the South and was exposed to Christianity to some degree. He always considered himself a Christian because he had "believed" in Jesus's death on the cross for sinners. Zach spent his high school years immersed in sin, yet outwardly maintaining a responsible image for parents and teachers. It wasn't until his Senior year of high school that God put people in Zach's life who helped him understand that the Jesus he believed in wasn't the Jesus who was the King of the universe, but just a Jesus of his own making. God had no real effect on Zach's day to day life. God was, at best, a personal genie who would keep Zach from going to hell. Romans 6:1-2 blew his mind. How could anyone be a Christian and live in sin? Immediately God drew Zach to himself and he fell in love with the Jesus of the Bible and God's word. Zach's world was turned upside down and has never been the same.

Zach originally came on staff because he knew he would never regret it. The college campus is such a strategic place to make Christ known, and there is such great need. At this point in Zach's life, he still believes both of those things, but now his vision has grown. He believes the college campus is much of the answer to reverse the trajectory of churches in decline. Through the ministry of Campus Outreach, Zach believes we can fuel church planting and revitalization in such a way as to change the Christian landscape in Illinois over the next 50 years.